We’re excited to have you brewing for this year’s Bootstrapped Brews! Did you participate last year?


Please introduce yourself…

Slice of Lime is a User Experience Design agency located in Boulder and Denver that creates amazing experiences for web apps and mobile apps.

How long has your startup been in Colorado?

Almost 15 years

How many people from your team are helping to brew your competition beer?


What beer(s) are you brewing?

Smokey ‘Da Beer is a ~9% stout brewed with French Oak chips to create a slightly smoked / vanilla flavor. It’s yummy and very effective at putting out small fires.

Have you brewed your own beer before?


If you have brewed before, how long have you been brewing?

4 years

If you’ve already brewed your competition beer, how did the process go?

It went really well. Not everyone on the team was as passionate as we were about the fermentation period, so we created a movie trailer about it to raise excitement:

After seeing the trailer, anticipation rose by 2.5%!

At the very last phase a Slice of Limer gasped as they used the wrong (unsterilized) spoon to mix in the sugar. Thankfully, the beer was unaffected and tastes great!

Where did you brew your competition beer?

At our CEO’s house

Why were you interested in participating in this year’s event?

Last year’s event was a blast. Every part of it was fun. Making the beer, making the beer labels, tasting all the other beers, and socializing.

Where is your favorite place to grab a beer with your coworkers?

West Flanders is the closest, but we’ve made the pilgrimage to Wild Woods in Boulder on occasion – one of the best.

Any additional comments?

“A fine beer can be judged with only one sip, but it’s best to be thoroughly sure.”

— Czech proverb