We’re excited to have you brewing for this year’s Bootstrapped Brews! Did you participate last year?


Please introduce yourself…

Parkifi makes parking easier for everyone.

We use real-time data to direct drivers to open parking spaces. With 30% of city traffic being the result of drivers searching for parking, Parkifi reduces a LOT of traffic and a LOT of headache.

Parkifi also uses sensors installed (for free) in every spot to display real-time data on a user-friendly analytics dashboard. All the information a parking garage owner could ever want about their lot including average parking times, spot occupancy, pricing optimization, trends, averages, are just a click away.

How long has your startup been in Colorado?

Since February 2014. So just over a year!

How many people from your team are helping to brew your competition beer?


What beer(s) are you brewing?

An IPA and a deliciously dark Stout.

Have you brewed your own beer before?


If you have brewed before, how long have you been brewing?

We’ve dabbled for a few years.

How did the brewing process go?

We started the brewing process in our office. For the first phase, we brewed on our awesome rooftop deck, but that was a slight mistake as the sun made it boil over. Needless to say, we learned that direct sun wasn’t the best and moved indoors 😉

Where did you brew your competition beer?

Our headquarters here in LoDo.

Why were you interested in participating in this year’s event?

We love beer, we love Denver and we love meeting people in our community who also love beer and Denver!

Where is your favorite place to grab a beer with your coworkers?

Who says you have to go anywhere? We love drinking together on our rooftop deck. But if we do go out, we like Wynkoop or anywhere in LoDo really.