We’re excited to have you brewing for this year’s Bootstrapped Brews! Did you participate last year?


Please introduce yourself…

Ello is a global network for creators, where you can discover beautiful art, be inspired by meaningful stories, and connect with creators around the world.

How long has your startup been in Colorado?

2 years

How many people from your team are helping to brew your competition beer?


What beer(s) are you brewing?

The “Toad Spit Stout”, which is a Guiness style from Papazian’s Complete Joy of Brewing.

Have you brewed your own beer before?


How long have you been brewing?

<1 year

How did the brewing process go?

Good! Nothing exploded.

Where did you brew your competition beer?

My house, with Sean Dougherty and Micah Adams.

Why were you interested in participating in this year’s event?

I love brewing, and some people at Ello expressed an interest in learning how.

Where is your favorite place to grab a beer with your coworkers?

Black Shirt Brewing

Any additional comments?

Can’t wait for the event!