With a name like Chocwork Orange, you know this beer is going to be something else. This dark chocolate, orange and golden hops brew is the creation of Adistry.

Adistry was founded by Meghan Larson and Daniel Cox. They wanted to get involved with the hyper-growth cannabis industry but have zero experience in growing and zero interest in retail. The founders recognized that advertising for this industry was much harder than it needed to be so they set out to create innovative solutions with their marketing and software backgrounds.

This was the first time brewing for Adistry. Meghan says, “We were lucky and have a friend who is a home brewer. Patrick guided us as we spent five hours on a Tuesday night creating our first brew!” Meghan cleaned, selected ingredients, and brewed it. Patrick supervised and made sure she didn’t blow anything up!

When asked, what do you plan to do when you win the coveted Keg Tap (besides go to Disney Land), Adistry said they, may bedazzle it with shiny things and do cartwheels down Pearl Street with it!”

Chocwork Orange will be served at Colorado Startup Brews at the McNichol’s Building on Friday, September 9th.