The beer will be flowing on September 9th when Flowh brings their Belgian Saison, American Style Fruit Beer with candied ginger, dried cherries, pineapple, raisins, and cranberries.

Flowh is a free community of calendars in the style of Twitter where anyone can create and follow any calendar and share any event with one click.  Fowh let’s you gather all the calendars that interest you in one place. Check out Colorado Startup Brews on their site!  

Flow is teaming up with ManCan to deliver this delicious Saison.  They will be serving their beer out none other than a ManCan Beer Keg.

This was the first time brewing for Eric Darst. He says, “I’ve never done it before but have helped other home brewer friends.  No disasters yet.  An unfiltered wheat beer was my best experience.”

Jim Stambaugh is the master home brewer. Eric and Jim met at a party where Eric was the Master Roaster and Jim brought his home brews.  So the beer is a collaboration of Eric at Flowh, Jim, and Chris Mueller with ManCan.

Eric’s current beer of choice is Odell’s East Street. When asked what his plan is when he wins the coveted Keg Tap, his response was, “visit all the brewpubs in the state of course.”

Join us for Colorado Startup Brews at the McNichol’s Building on Friday, September 9th.