PromonTech is coming in hot on September 9th with not only one, but three brews!

PromonTech is a mortgage technology development business. Their team is eclectic, close-knit, creative, and passionate about the user experience in the mortgage industry. PromonTech envisions a mortgage industry where loan processing is clear, open, fast, and uses only the best-known data through the whole life of the loan. They create tools that people love to use collaboratively, and applications that build good will as well as revenue.

If these beers don’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what will:

Name: 200 Okeley, Dokeley

Style: Flanders Red Ale (23B)

Notes: Tart, acidic, sour, vinous.

Details: Aged over two years in an American Oak Barrel inoculated with various strains of Brett, Pedio, Lacto, and Sacch.


Name: ‘API’.reverse*2

Style: Imperial IPA (22A)

Notes: Dry, citrus, resinous, tropical fruit.

Details: Hopped exclusively with Australasian hop varietals.


Name: Merge Conflict

Style: Vietnamese Coffee Stout (30A – Base: 16A)

Notes: Sweet, roast, chocolate, thick mouthfeel.

Details: Kegged with cold-brewed Vietnamese coffee.

The Flanders Red Ale and Imperial IPA will be fresh on draught. The Vietnamese Coffee Stout will be served on nitro via a stout faucet. When asked about their brewing experience Lauren of PromonTech said, “I’ve been homebrewing for 5 years (just under 100 batches total). I have a fondness for sours, Brett beers, and the funkier side of brewing so most of my favorite homebrews tend to be in that area. My worst beer, by a wide margin, was a gluten-free beer. Turns out fermented sorghum tastes like a leaking battery.” Simon Willems, Senior Design Engineer with PromonTech, brewed the batch for Colorado Startup Brews.

If PromonTech wins the coveted Keg Tap, not only will they go to Disneyland, but Disney World as well!

Join us for Colorado Startup Brews at the McNichol’s Building on Friday, September 9th.