ReadyTalk was a participant last year, so we can confidently say they mean business when it comes to their brews. Which makes us all the more excited to try what they have concocted this year!  

ReadyTalk, established 2001, offers Web, Audio, and Video Conferencing. They believe the user experience should be user friendly, reliable and supported by a team of professionals, which is exactly what they deliver.  FoxDen, a new product they launched in 2015, is the only video collaboration platform that delivers a simple combination of hardware and software so people with awesome ideas to share can start video meetings instantly anytime, in any room and from any device.

The ReadyTalk team has some impressive experience with home brewing. Corey at ReadyTalk says, “Some of us have been brewing in excess of 15 years, others less than 3 years. One of us started with the vaunted Mr. Beer kit back in 2007.”

Their brews this year include:


  • B.L.M.- A Schwartbier style. Tasting notes: Tastes like freedom
  • George Clooney Zero G- An American pale ale. Tasting notes: Smells like a hop forest. Tastes great. Dry Finish.
  • Drago-  A golden Belgian strong ale. Tasting Notes: Pours a deep golden orange with an immense eggshell head. Lots of lacing and the head settles to a half pinky through the drink. Amazing aromas and flavors: complex spiciness with powdered pepper and coriander and cloves, juicy fruit flavors of peach and lime zest, all rounded out by a bready malt presence. Feels like champagne in the mouth, dry and lingering and effervescent. An amazing brew.

When asked, besides go to Disney Land, what do you plan to do when you win the coveted Keg Tap? ReadyTalk answered, “Have a bigger parade in Denver than the Super Bowl parade.”  Sounds legit to us!

Join us for Colorado Startup Brews at the McNichol’s Building on Friday, September 9th.