What’s does IQ Clarity do?  

 IQ Clarity, LLC is your partner in talent acquisition and sourcing strategy. We connect companies with exceptional technology resources for project work and direct-hire initiatives. Our team strives to find the best possible match for all of those we serve in a transparent, thoughtful, and cost-effective manner.

Tell us about your role in IQ Clarity?

 I am the Founder of IQ Clarity.  I spend most of my time making sure our team has what they need to be successful and sourcing the best possible candidates for our clients.

Tell us about the beer styles you are submitting this year?

 We are brewing an elevated version of the “Palisade Peach IPA” that we made for this event two years ago.

How and where did you brew your beer?

We partnered with Co-Brew to help us with the brewing process.

What do you plan on doing with this year’s championship Trophy?

 I’m sure our team will be drinking Peach IPA from the trophy after we win…