What’s does Thinkful do? 

Thinkful was founded by Dan Friedman and Darrell Silver in 2012 in New York City. On a mission to reinvent education, Thinkful trains people to advance their careers in Data Science and Web Development.

A 21st century education should equip you with the skills to succeed in the 21st century world. At Thinkful, we’re building a school that trains the workforce in the technology skills necessary to sustain innovation and growth in the economy. We have developed a method of online teaching that emphasizes practical, sustainable skills and prepares students to achieve their career goals.


What do you do for your company?

Kelly Kawa and Josephine Pike, Thinkful’s Brew Masters, are both Program Managers who ensure that each student is setup for success. We often plan events to connect our students, mentors, and alumni with the local community so check out more at: meetup.com/Learn-to-Code-Thinkful-Denver


Tell us about the beer styles you are submitting this year?

Brewful (aka the unofficial brewing department at Thinkful) is sampling their DevHops SaaSy Saison, a Gin Barrel Saison with a bite, and their Vincent VanGose a traditional Gose (pronounced goes-uh).


How and where did you brew your beer?

We brewed our beer at my home with the help of supplies from Co-Brew.  Kelly’s husband’s company, Evolve, is also in the competition so winning is extra important.


What do you plan on doing with this year’s championship Trophy?

After displaying it at our coworking space, we’re going to ship the trophy off to headquarters in Brooklyn.