Clear Fork Cider is run by — Karl Kister and Jay Kenney — both love apples, the orchards they grow in, and the process of making cider. They make cider in a historic, funky place in the City Park neighborhood of Denver. Their apples are picked throughout Colorado, locations including Arriola, Lewis, Golden, Lakewood, and Crawford. Their ciders are a blend of several apple varieties aged in steel tanks or repurposed wine barrels to create a distinctive flavor. When you drink their ciders, you’re drinking the essence of Colorado: the rich soil, sunshine, apples and water in the finest artisanal cider available.

This year, Clear Fork Cider will be featuring three of their delicious ciders: Station 8, Oak Barrel,  and metaMORPhic.

Station 8: Named after the Denver Fire Department Station Eight that sits across the street from the cidery, is considered Clear Fork’s most accessible cider. Station 8 is fermented with a Belgian Saison yeast to produce a traditional cider with a nice balance between tannins and acids and flavor notes of pink grapefruit, melon, and peach.

metaMORPhic: This cider was inspired by the company Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project (MORP), a small non-profit dedicated to preserving the fruit-growing heritage in southern Colorado. metaMORPhic is fermented with English Cider Yeast for 2 months and aged in stainless steel for 5 months. This results in a sharper flavor profile.

Oak Barrel:  This cider is slightly smoother than metaMORPhic. After fermentation with English Cider Yeast, the cider was racked to neutral French and American oak barrels and aged for five months. The cider is both earthy and smooth, with subtle tastes of tobacco and cherries.

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