Concept3D is a Denver-based software company that brings any physical location into an intuitive and navigable digital format, creating immersive online experiences with 3D modeling, interactive maps and virtual tours. Since Concept3D was founded in 2006, they have become an industry leader in 3D mapping.

Between building virtual tours, Concept3D architected two delicious Kölsch beers for Colorado Startup Brews in 2018. Similar to how Concept3D marries art and science in their software, a Kölsch marries the brewing process of an ale and a lager. A Kölsch is fermented with ale yeast for primary fermentation, then finished similar to a lager in cold temperature. The result is a style that exhibits some of the best characteristics of both categories.

Concept3D plans on blowing away the competition this year with their traditional Kölsch, Kickstarter Kölsch, and their Kölsch with a twist – Kolor Me Red Kölsch, a raspberry Kölsch.  Learn about Concept3D’s work and try their brews by registering for Colorado Startup Brews here: