What’s does Conga do?

Conga’s Digital Transformation products automate and optimize document and contract processes, simplifying user experiences and increasing productivity.


What do you do for your company?

I am a Solutions Architect with Conga Professional Services. I work with various clients to ensure successful implementations of the Conga Product Suite.


Tell us about the beer styles you are submitting this year?

We brewed Ye Old Misty Gold, a New England IPA and Uncle Dunkel, a Dunkelweizen.


How and where did you brew your beer?

We brewed our beer at CoBrew in Denver on an electronic RIMS system. Both brews will undergo a primary fermentation only, and then will be carbonated in kegs and bottled using a Blichman Beer Gun.


What do you plan on doing with this year’s championship Trophy?

We plan to mount it on our office homebrew refrigerator!


Come try Conga’s brews at Colorado Startup Brews 2018: https://www.costartupbrews.com/register/