What’s does PromonTech do?  

PromonTech builds software that combines creative design, industry analysis, data governance, and development best practices to create a user experience unique in the mortgage industry. The mortgage process is outdated, paper-based, and vulnerable to human error. Lender costs have doubled in the last ten years while margins have dropped. PromonTech’s Borrower Wallet, a point of sale tool, is the first part of a solution that helps lenders close more loans, faster and improves data quality so lenders can deliver compliant loans and maintain a compliant enterprise.


What do you do for your company?

Simon Willems: I work as a Technical Lead for our Front End Development efforts, mostly across our Point of Sale applications.  I mostly write Angular apps, drink a lot of coffee, and occasionally bring in homebrew for the teams to enjoy.

Patrick Keaveny: Software Engineer.


Tell us about the beer styles you are submitting this year?

We have five different beers that cover every area but lagers (hey, room for more next year!) They are:

  • Cask English Dark Mild – Served cask style (think warmer with lower carbonation than typical draught beer) straight from a pin, this beer is a classic English style full of breadiness with a hint of roast. Also, this Mild sports the most sessionable ABV of our beers at just under 5%.
  • Experimental IPA – This experimental IPA is a color-changing chameleon of a beer. Brewed with Butterfly Pea Blossoms and served with citric fruit, this beer reacts to acidity level by subtly shifting like a mood ring from blue to purple to pink. Generously hopped and served with edible glitter, this IPA is quite the unique experience.
  • Nitro White Mocha Stout – A stout without roasted grains? How? A little water chem, some chocolate, a bit of coffee, a touch of oak, and finished off on nitro gas creates for a creamy, rich beer with all the vigor of a traditional dark stout.
  • Straight Unblended Lambic – A deeply sour wheat beer in the vein of the famous Belgian style (not the backsweetened imitations that we tend to get stateside like Lindemans Framboise). Puckering, lightly carbonated, and refreshing, this Lambic rounds out our offerings with a little funk.
  • Pumpkin Porter – A traditional English Porter with pumpkin flavorings spiced with cinnamon, anise, and nutmeg.


How and where did you brew your beer?

Simon Willems: I’ve been all grain brewing for a little over 7 years. I do my mashes in my kitchen, boil outside, and ferment/bottle/keg in my basement so my hobby is spread to the winds a bit. Most of my system is gravity-fed and I still hand mill all of my grists.  I keep it pretty old school.

Patrick Keaveny: I brewed (the Pumpkin Porter) using the all-grain brew method, letting it ferment for two months. Brewed in North Glenn, CO.


What do you plan on doing with this year’s championship Trophy?

PromonTech is turning heads in the FinTech space having just garnered an Innovations Award from the Progress in Lending Association, but we’ll have to shove all those awards to the back of the shelf for the Colorado Startup Brews trophy to sit front and center! We wouldn’t anyone to misinterpret our priorities.

Come try PromonTech’s unique and tasty brews at this year’s competition. Get your tickets for Colorado Startup Brews here: https://www.costartupbrews.com/register/