What does OrthoFi do?

OrthoFi is a software and service solution designed to help orthodontists increase their starts and simply their lives. Our end-to-end flow streamlines onboarding, stimulates conversions, and takes on both insurance and patient processing and collection. OrthoFi practices are enjoying dynamic growth, balanced cash flow and risk, and smoother operations with insightful metrics to run their business.


What do you do for your company?

I am a Lead Developer on the Development team.  Will Hoberg is my partner on the team and a Product Manager.


Tell us about the beer styles you are submitting this year?

Our 190-employee staff voted as a company to make an American Style Pale Ale.


How and where did you brew your beer?

I was in charge of sales and distribution for Little Machine Brewing.  Through that relationship, they allowed me and members of the OrthoFi brewing team to brew at their facility. It is an American Style Pale Ale made with a crystal malts as well as a few pounds of C60 and Munich malt for a richer color and malt character. It was then dry hopped with Cascade, Amarillo and Laurel hops.


What do you plan on doing with this year’s championship Trophy?

This year’s championship trophy will be displayed right above our kegerator which will be pouring our Pale Ale for the month of October!


Come learn more about how OrthoFi is helping simplify the lives of orthodontists and while you’re at it, get a taste of their tasty American Style Pale Ale, Brace Yourself Pale Ale. Register today: https://www.costartupbrews.com/register/