What’s does Oliko do?

Oliko is a Cultured Ginger Beer Company located in Boulder, CO


What do you do for your company?

I’m the owner, Spice Master, and only full-time employee of Oliko Ginger Beer. That means I manage the business, make Oliko, bottle Oliko and deliver Oliko.


Tell us about the ginger beer you will be serving this year?

Oliko is a cultured Ginger Beer, meaning it’s made with a mother culture. It is naturally fermented with fresh pressed ginger to create tangy, spicy flavors that are refreshing and crisp. Unlike ginger sodas you see on the market Oliko is about balance and the spice of natural ginger.


How and where did you brew your ginger beer?

Oliko is non-alcoholic so it wasn’t brewed but it was fermented to create its tart natural flavors. OliKo goes back to the “roots” of ginger beer, using a method of natural fermentation to create wild flavors and nutrient rich ingredients. Our ginger vinegar culture, which is the base to OliKo, is a 4-year-old ginger SCOBY named “Jude.” Using this acidified, non-alcoholic base, we then blend it with fresh, cold pressed ginger juice and cane sugar. The resulting mixture is tangy, spicy, refreshing and crisp.