What does Parsyl do?

Watch episode 2 of STREET LEVEL STARTUPS to learn more about how Parsyl is working with Gavi to help deliver life saving vaccines around the globe.

What do you do for Parsyl?

Software engineer.

Why did Parsyl decide to participate in Colorado Startup Brews?  

We did it last year and had a blast.

Tell us about the beer styles you are submitting this year.  

It was supposed to be a Belgian pale ale, but I accidentally poured in the grains for another beer that I was planning on brewing, so the style is, I don’t know.  Belgian yeast though.  

What do you plan on doing with this year’s championship trophy if you win? 

I never win anything.

Craig may have inadvertently created a crowd favorite! Register here to cheer for Craig and the Parsyl team on Friday, September 13th.