What’s does Spire Digital do?

Spire Digital is a Denver-based digital product development firm that transforms business through design and technology. For over 20 years, we’ve provided strategic consulting, user experience design, software development, DevOps, and staff augmentation to the world’s top companies.

Whether web, mobile, IoT, wearables, AR/VR, AI, or blockchain, Spire helps startups and enterprises succeed at the art of innovation.

What do you do for Spire Digital?

I’m a practice lead and .Net architect. It doesn’t get as much play in the marketing copy, but part of “Software Built Better” is integrating those new innovations with the client’s existing people, systems, and skillsets. Even modernizing legacy apps is very gratifying to me, because building relationships and introducing the agile mindset to the teams maintaining them can be a great first step toward the digital transformations our clients hire us to achieve.

Why did Spire Digital decide to participate in Colorado Startup Brews?

The only downside to homebrewing is its impact on my waistline, so the ability to experiment with new styles that I get to completely give away, for charity, is really the ideal scenario for me.

Tell us about the beer styles you are submitting this year.

Patrick Keaveny and I have a range of things fermenting at the moment, and so the competition will get whatever’s ready and tasty. At present, we can choose from a rye IPA, a rye APA, a cinnamon imperial porter, and an attempt to clone one of my favorite east-coast ESBs that you can’t get in Colorado.

What do you plan on doing with this year’s championship trophy if you win?

I think the gleam of victory will class up our office bar quite a bit. I’ll have a better answer for this if in the future, the winner gets a big gold belt. I’ve always wanted to win one of those.

This is the first year we will have Spire Digital competing in Colorado Startup Brews. See which beers they bring off bench for September 13th!