What’s does PromonTech do? 

PromonTech is building innovative software for a faster, simpler, more-inclusive mortgage process. We combine creative design, industry analysis, data governance, and development best practices to increase lender efficiencies and enhance the borrower experience. PromonTech’s point-of-sale platform, Borrower Wallet®, offers lenders and applicants a shared workspace to collaborate in throughout the loan journey. Rooted in intuitive design and compliance expertise, Borrower Wallet empowers applicants to be informed participants in their loan application while ensuring lenders remain audit-ready.

What do you do for PromonTech?

Simon Willems: I’m the Frontend Manager for all of our internal and external applications. While my efforts to bring in homebrew for the teams has diminished significantly whilst raising two rambunctious boys, I still do my best to share the wealth, bang out quality code, and help support our massively talented team of engineers innovate on our collection of modern UIs and frameworks.  

Sean Gaskin:  I am the manager of our Mortgage Specialist team.  Combined, we bring over 50 years of experience as mortgage professionals to Promontech.  Our industry knowledge shines light on the most troublesome aspects of obtaining a home loan allowing our Dev teams to create innovative solutions.   

Why did PromonTech decide to participate in Colorado Startup Brews?

This will be our third year competing in Colorado Startup Brews, so our appearance is equal parts supporting the startup tech community in Denver, helping turn people out for an awesome cause, and defending our past performances to hopefully land a Best of Show placement. Prost!

Tell us about the beer styles you are submitting this year?

Simon Willems:

I have brewed a selection of three beers this year for Startup Brews. They are:

New England IPA – The haze craze is still going strong years later and this beer rides the continuing wave with a heaping dose of whirlpool hops for maximum hop flavor, a cloudy body like a glass of OJ, and a powerful nose of dank citrus aroma.

Dark Sour Ale – Souring cultures tend to be pretty ineffective around IBUs of any significant quantity, so this Sour Ale sneaks in the bitterness via roasted grains. Deeply acidic, slick on the palette, and featuring a lingering bitter finish, this is a sour that may challenge as well as delight.

Bohemian Pilsner – While most people tend to think of lagers as the boring beer styles these days, this Czech Style Lager may raise some questions around that assumption. Clean, crisp, bright, and refreshing, but still retaining some hop character, ABV strength, and bitterness, this isn’t your typical pils.

Sean Gaskin: 

Dry-hopped Saison – This farmhouse ale is an international collaboration of American malt, Belgian yeast and Australian Galaxy hops.  The result is a crisp, dry finishing beer with citrus and notes of spice. Full of flavor while still being an easy drinker.

What do you plan on doing with this year’s championship trophy?

We’ll start with a tour-de-Denver — photographing ourselves with it around the city and at notable Denver hot spots.  When all the sights have been seen and the selfies taken, it’ll reach its final resting spot, welcoming us as we enter the office and inspiring a daily salute to the things we love most: beer, work and giving back. 

Be sure to visit the PromonTech booth before the kegs are kicked! Register now for September 13th!