What’s does Fermly do?

Fermly is a TTB-certified craft beer QA/QC company. We built our services on top of a custom-developed QA/QC data reporting platform for craft brewers.

What do you do for Fermly?

Emily is the Founder/Lead Scientist and Danny is the Co-Founder/Information Architect and occasional brewer.

Why did Fermly decide to participate in Colorado Startup Brews?

We judged last year and wanted to have a bigger part in the event this year as an in-kind sponsor! We also wanted to find a way to raise awareness about quality in the brewing industry and support a very good cause with the Dear Jack Foundation.

Tell us about the beer styles you are submitting this year.

We brewed a Chinese Five Spice Gose w/Peking Duck and a Sahti this year! Sahti is a traditional Finnish style beer that is considered historical, and our gose is brewed with actual Peking Duck in the boil.

What do you plan on doing with this year’s championship trophy if you win?

Have it proudly displayed in our lab and probably take it drinking with us while we say hi to our craft brewing friends!

We’re so excited to have Fermly as a team brewer and an in-kind sponsor. Thanks to Fermly, all of the brewers will receive basic testing on the brews they submit for the BJCP competition. Thank you, Emily and Danny! We look forward to seeing you (and your beers) on September 13th!