What does AEI Cabinets do?  

AEI Cabinets is focused on a more collaborative, affordable, cabinet design and building process. We empower DIY’ers by providing them the technological tools to design the cabinets of their dreams while streamlining the supply chain to eliminate unnecessary cost. AEI’s proprietary cabinet design software offers DIY’ers a spot to work with our designers to design and envision a room before any work has even started. Coming from a line of cabinet makers, the lack of transparency, and convoluted supply chain, we saw the opportunity to reinvent the way one designs a kitchen, bar, and bathroom cabinets. 

What do you do for AEI Cabinets?

Kyle Arfsten – As the master cabineter, my day can vary. Since we are at such an early stage, I still focus a lot of my time managing current projects, while trying to grow our technology offerings. Over the past year, we have streamlined our cabinet design and installation process leading to projects being completed quicker, under budget, and with higher customer satisfaction. Our vision for 2020 is to redesign our design software to better fit customer needs and create an even more collaborative process. We are looking to expand our team over the next few months.

Ashley McBride – As the Director of Marketing, I am tasked with making something of nothing. My day is made up of introducing people to the brand, way too much A/B testing, and a small dose of creativity. From CPC, to event, to PR, I’m in the know when it comes to reaching people who need cabinets.

Why did AEI Cabinets decide to participate in Colorado Startup Brews?

Because of beer! A lot of our current team members are from the tech industry, and spend a lot of time at meetups and events. This was a way to contribute back to the community. Combining two of our teams biggest hobbies — beer and tech — it was a no brainer. You build in java, we build in walnut.

Tell us about the beer styles you are submitting this year.

We decided to produce two different beers. Both are of the Hazy IPA genre, but with very different tastes.

Peach Explosion: This one was named after its first week in fermentation, but we’ll get back to that later… A fusion of mouth-watering peach flavor with a dense, hazy malt profile, this unique IPA also incorporates lactose sugar, yielding a deliciously creamy and vanilla-like sweetness. A true go-to for those warm summer nights. 

Now back to the name. When we first stored the brew, the yeast took to the added sugar like vinegar in a baking soda volcano! It blew the airlock off, and proceed to paint the walls with some of the hops. The good news is: the beer survived and is a strong 2% ABV higher than the recommended. The bad: our walls now sport a new abstract design.

Shelf Help: Another Hazy Ipa, this one more traditional in style, no gimmicky fruit flavors added, just a lighter easy sipping hazy IPA. New England IPA is unfiltered with stunning drink-ability and notoriously BIG aroma and flavor from the dynamic Citra hop!

This beer was named for those installs that just don’t go to plan. Sometimes you that shelf needs some help, and a little hammer also does the trick. This beer is the same way when you need a little self-help with a 7.2% ABV it’ll come in like the hammer to knock you into place.

What do you plan on doing with this year’s championship trophy if you win?

Step 1: take way to many photos with it! Team photos, random location photos, basically make sure everyone knows we are the best brewers around. 

Step 2: Dress up the shop kegerator. The kegerator is placed in a nice cabinet, but a nice tap and the trophy would really round it off!

Step 3: Bring it to next year’s Startup Brews, so when we are pouring beer everyone knows who the defending champs are!

We’re excited to welcome AEI Cabinets to this year’s Colorado Startup Brews event on September 13th. Be sure to sample their hazy IPAs and inquire about their tips for DIY wall design!